Interested in having Ashiya Ali teach at your workshop?


Workshop Topics Available:

 TURKISH DANCE:    Learn how to use the steps and movements you already know and turn it into Turkish Style dance.
RHYTHM OF THE DANCE:  Learn the various rhythms of Middle Eastern music and how to dance to them.  (Masmoodi, Reledi, Karsilima 9/8, Greek 7/8, Bolero, Ayoub and others)ENTRANCES/EXITS:  You have “10” seconds to captivate the Audience.  Various entrances and exits will be explored
SKIRT DANCING:  Use your skirts to enhance your performance.  Not just for Tribal or Gypsy!  (Choreography available)
PHARONIC:      Add something different to your show.  (Choreography available with or without candles)
TURNS/SPINS:  Designed to make you dizzy!  Learn how to incorporate turns into your dance that really stand out!
BALLET FOR BELLY DANCERS:      This is NOT the same old ballet for classical ballet dancers.  Learn posture, how to carry yourself and use your arms to frame your body.
BACK TO THE BASICS:  It never hurts to go back to your roots and be grounded in the basic of Belly Dance.
GOBS OF COMBINATIONS:  Learn how to put movements and steps together for amazing combinations!
CHIFTATELLI COMBINATIONS:  This rhythm is a basic of Turkish style dance.  Learn various combinations and how to use the music to your best advantage.
GREEK LINE DANCE:  Learn the Hasapiko, and the Kalamatiano.

BEGINNING ZILLS – YES THEY ARE A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT:  Use your zills as part of your dance, not just something to hit together once in a while.  Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there WILL be things to challenge or inspire you.

LISTEN TO THE RHYTHM OF THE ZILLS:  Expanded rhythms and techniques

VEIL FOR BEGINNERS:  Learn the magic of dancing with a veil

ADVANCED VEIL WORK:  More veil tricks to enhance your performance

DOUBLE VEILS:  Dance with multiple veils and learn the tricks to keep them moving.

CAPTIVATING CAPE:  Cape dancing from the Golden Age of the 70’s.  Add a new dimension to your dance.  

SWORD:  From beginner to advanced, learn the tricks to amaze the audience.

DOUBLE SWORD:  Technique and steps that will leave the audience wanting more.

CANDLE:  Beautiful, graceful and mystical addition to your performances

TRAY:  Perfect your balance and add to your performance at the same time!

TAMBOURINE:  Solo, Duet, or Group.  This is a fun musical instrument to add to your repertoire.

CANE:  From traditional Saidi to more modern cane dancing, this covers various cane techniques.

DOUBLE CANE:  Add something new and different to your show!

WINGS OF ISIS:  Always a crowd pleaser, learn how to move and dance with these beauties!

VEIL FANS:     Beautiful addition to your dance!  Learn the techniques necessary to keep them floating and moving1

GLASS DANCING:  Rarely seen these days!  Learn to dance while balancing on special glasses!

STAGE MAKE UP:   From learning how to apply false eyelashes to how to make your eyes really stand out!

EDITING CD’s BY COMPUTER FOR THE NOVICE:  How to use a readily available free program to edit your music for those with only base level computer skills.  

FLOOR PATTERNING:   How to keep the dance interesting and making use of the entire dance floor or stage

IMPROVISATIONAL PERFORMANCES:  Learn how to truly be an improvisational dancer.  

PROFESSIONALISM:  Covers before, during and after performances.  From professional behavior to appearance, etiquette and how to interact with other dancers in a professional setting.

COSTUMING:  From Turkish to Egyptian to Folkloric.  Learn what to wear and how to use it.

MUSICALITY:  Learning to “hear” the music and be able to interpret it for the audience.

HOW TO CHOREOGRAPH FOR ONE OR MANY:  Learn the tricks to creating  dynamic choreography that fits the music, costuming and style of dance

STUPID DANER TRICKS THAT WIN OVER THE AUDIENCE:  How to pull the audience into enjoying your dance.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO SET UP A WEBPAGE & SOCIAL MEDIAL BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK:  From beginning to expert, you will learn how to market yourself!

PERSONAL EVALUATIONS:  One-on-one personal evaluations

(Can be solos, duets or troupe dances) (instruction sheets included)


TAMBOURINE DANCE:  How to properly play the riq or tambourine


TURKISH POP: Lively, fun dance that the audience loves to:

CANE: Single cane number that can be used effectively for large groups.;.  Also cane number that includes stick fighting with the cane.

DOUBLE CANE: Change things up with double cane!  

SWORD: Nice sword number that can have floor work included.  

DOUBLE SWORD: Double sword and floorwork.  What more can you ask for?  

CAPE: Captivating cape work

VEIL: Greek Veil

DOUBLE VEIL: Several songs depending on what style veil work you want.

GLASS DANCING:  Amaze the audience with a rarely seen dance:.

VEIL FANS: Lovely veil fans with a Flamenco accent.





Additionally there are more choreographed dances for troupes that can be used as :.Egyptian, Turkish, veil, Tunisian.