About Ashiya



Dancing since the age of 3

  • Studied classical ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, and modern dance, as well as, Flamenco, Hula and Latin Dance
  • Appeared in several productions at Pioneers Park including, “The King and I’, “Brigadoon”, and “South Pacific” as a dancer
  • Member of Orchesis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Public Schools
  • Studied Polynesian Dance at Brigham Young University in Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Member of The Tradewinds Polynesian Dance Group.
  • Studied Middle Eastern Dance with teachers from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Greece, as well as the foremost instructors and performers in the United States.

Teaching Experience

Middle Eastern Dance

  • YWCA: 1973-1980
  • Southeast Community College: 1975-1990
  • Oasis Dance Studio: 1985-1999
  • Athenian Dance Studio: 2001-Present
  • Southeast Community College: 2006-Present
  • Instructor at Middle Eastern Dance workshops and seminars throughout the Midwest and Hawaii

Professional Experience


  • Primary dancer in nightclubs throughout the Midwest and Hawaii 1975-1990
  • Appearing at workshop and seminar shows throughout the Midwest 1974-Present
  • Principal dancer at The Greek Festival 2003 and will be at the 2004 Lincoln Greek Festival.
  • Various ethnic festivals in the Midwest 1975-1990
  • Appeared at the ethnic festivals in Norfolk 2004, Grand Island 2004 and Lincoln 2004
  • Currently performing at The Parthenon Greek Restaurant In Lincoln, Nebraska